My attempt at a gun system

Hi, so I’ve been making a gun system, and I’d like just some feedback on what I could do better, what I could change/add, etc.

Source code here.



a video would help, or even a picture

oh that’s what I was forgetting! I am very smart.

Added a quick video of the system in use

A reload animation, A shooting animation, Bullets Sound when it hit something. All that would be great

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Reload animation and shooting animation are all up to the person using the system! Bullet sounds are not a thing ATM but 100% plan on adding them.

How my gun system works, is I have events that the gun client can get, such as when the gun runs out of ammo, when it reloads, etc.
I have these “events” because I’m trying to make it as customizable as possible without needing to modify the root source. :smile:
Thanks for the feedback!

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If that was what you where going for then I think it is quite nice

Oh Alright, It’s a great gun system anyways, good job!

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