My attempt at remaking source engine

I decided to recreate the source engine movement system because I was bored.

give me feedback on how you feel about it


Can’t join sadly. Is it for friends only?


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Its private.
how to giv feedbak if private?

it should be open now
for some reason it didn’t save when I attempted to make it public


so, you are just you camera? when hit space, camera move up? is that it?

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the camera is not working at the moment, please wait a small amount of time while i fix it

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Issue should now be resolved, the camera wasn’t locking in firstperson

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Awesome! The camera is a bit buggy when looking around and jumping, but that might be a fps unlocker issue.

when i am typing in chat (typing wasdwasdwasdwad in chat), my character moves too.
also shiftlock stuff

Pretty nice engine! You can make some FPS games off of that. But as @AwakenedElemental said, when you type wasdwasdwasd in chat, you move…

This is good but the jump could be a bit lower than it is now but overall its very great. Keep up the good work.

@Identity_Person I think you can fix this using ContextActionService.

box jumping, frozen death screen, and chat movement are all fixed

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You did a really good job on the physics. Nice work. :happy3:

Cool, noticed there’s no bhop (or surf? dont know), which is a source engine thing, and if you stand up against certain objects it slides you to the top of them

im still working on everything, trying to get it as close as i can


its private, can you public it?