My bilboard ui is glitched on pc

So on studio its not glitched on pc, but when i’m in game its glitched on pc, but when i’m on mobile its perfectly fine…
robloxapp-20230423-1046009.wmv (5.1 MB)

Can you send an image of what the gui looks like in studio?

this is the ui in studio:
Screenshot 2023-04-23 113919
this is the ui in roblox:
Screenshot 2023-04-23 114131
its lower down for some reason

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Is the BillboardGui in a specfific part? If so, make sure the part is anchored.

nope its just a ui on an avatar

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Is the avatar anchored then?

character limit woohooo!

yes I checked it to make sure it was

Can you show me an image of the explorer and the Billboard GUI’s properties?

Screenshot 2023-04-23 120307
Properties 1st half:
Screenshot 2023-04-23 120330
Properties 2nd half:
Screenshot 2023-04-23 120418
they are both properties of the billboard gui

I’m not too sure whats going on here, maybe just make sure that everything is 100% anchored.

It could be because sometimes Roblox makes the guis and stuff appear in different spots on different devices (as in iPad, phone, pc and stuff) to make it suitable for everything but I don’t know how to make it the same on everything if you don’t want it to happen.

Maybe search it up or try to find tutorials on how it works

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