My Blender OBJ Export Is Broken. Why?

I want to fix this export issue. I have created a model in blender and exported it as an obj. But when viewing the obj the D-Pad is broken!
Blender Screenshot

Obj Screenshot (On MacOS Preview)

And yes I have imported it into Roblox Studio and the distortion is the same as in the preview so it is not a preview application bug. I have also tried exporting the model in another format such as a STL file and the problem still presists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Inverted normals, just correct normals and it should fix it.

Heres a small lil tutorial if you need it:

Thank you so much! I was worried my whole model was about to be thrown in the bin.

If you click on the broken face in blender, go into edit mode, click mesh in the top left, go to normals and then click flip. To avoid this problem you can also go to show overlays (next to x ray button) click the arrow and enable face orientation it will show if a face is inverted incorrectly. The incorrect will be in red. You can turn this on and off whenever you like, it will not affect the mesh itself, just how it looks in normal modeling view. I usually turn it on whenever i finish a model to check if there are any inverted normals. (dont worry about the red ones on the inside they are meant to be like that)

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