My building portfolio

About Me

Hi there! I am I1User_name aka Alphera_gaming in Roblox and I have been playing Roblox for as long as I can remember on many different accounts. I have been on the Roblox studio platform for almost a year now and continuously improve my skills.


I am a better builder than I am at anything else, and you can see what I have built so far and feel free to give any recommendations and advice (much appreciated) MY BUILDS - Roblox


I am available 3-4 hrs during the week (monday-friday) and very rarely during the weekend


Prices are negotiable, I accept per asset. My preferred payment is Via Robux group funds because of Roblox fees unless circumstances occur.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Alphera_Gaming#6644


I am glad to take criticism as long as nothing rude is said and i forgot to anchor the models and will do that either later or tomorrow…

Thanks for reading my portfolio


Hi, I suggest you work on your builds a little more, as it could use a lot of improvement. The cobblestone building looks like it was made in less than 3 minutes, and is very empty. The door has a gigantic knob, windows aren’t detailed, and the room inside is empty. Not to mention parts are glitched together. The big green object looks like it was made very quickly as well, and isn’t that good. Here are some tips:

  1. Try using Blender/Maya, different softwares like these help, and are easy to use.
  2. Spend more time in your builds
  3. Try building things with a final image of what you want it to look like in mind.

Happy building!


Hey! Just joined the game! Here’s some things I suggest.

  • You should probably put a little bit of more details, overall, its great!

  • Try building and making with blender, like @MmadProgrammer said.

Either way, nice job!


i cant tell if your trolling or not but if this is real, i recommend watching a you tube video about the basics of roblox studio, nobody can just start building and be amazing at it. you need to practice to become good. the way i learnt to build was looking up reference photos online and copy whatever is in the picture. good luck on finding a job :+1:


Thanks for the advice, i will be sure to keep them in mind

This is not a troll and thanks for the advice