My Building Services (Builder) (Zcytox)



Hey there,
(Right now busy with projects (Got work!) )
Im Zcytox,i offer my building skills for your projects!
I take any type of payment RS,USD or % from the work!
9 years of building experience.
I am a Builder,i dont script!

Here are some games i have made with my team and myself!

I mostly wish to make Props,Nature plants/Trees ect.

Club Galaxys Group:!/about

You will find me in the development team section.

They are all public so go check em out ;D

My discord : Zcytox

Contact me if your intrested

I usually am available for roblox studio Monday,Thursday,Friday 19:00-22:00 [Eastern European Time] and weekends 23:00 saturday and 12:00-20:00 on sunday [Eastern European Time].

Sometimes on Tuesday im online from 10:00-20:00 EET


I’m rather skeptical of this project being under your ownership without any clarification.

If you wouldn’t mind responding to this post on @Zcython I would greatly appreciate it as it’ll clear up my suspicions.


There is a Link for the official group owned by @Zcython,in the club galaxys game description.

Here is the link do it:!/about

You will find me in the development team section.

The place is owned by our team,Not owned by me.
Sorry forgot to mention about the group for the place,ill add it in.


Hi there!

Yeah, @Zcytox helped me out building Club Galaxy.
Hope I cleared it up! :grin:


Dude, you don’t have to rush, hirers know building take times.


Notably, your post would be better off flagged as a Portfolio than a Recruitment. Recruitment is for when you’re recruiting for your own project. Portfolio is putting yourself out there for others to hire you.


True,i should do that instead.