My "Close" button is considered inappropriate

Hello Everyone
Today, I upload an icon of “Close” to use for the in-game window and after that, I got notice that this image is inappropriate. I deleted the image and reactivated my account. BTW, a similar icon with a blue background is uploaded and is used without any issue. Does this specific orange border icon resemble something that I don’t know…

I’m also thinking to upload another game logo because the game I’m working on is inspired by another game and I want to mention this in my game…

Close Icon which was tagged as inappropriate icon: GUI-Close-Icon-Orange


I don’t see how that icon is inappropriate, but if it’s really concerning to you, then I recommend you try to get help from a staff member.

Sometimes images will be neglected for odd or no reason at all. I’ve upload many icons and at least 1/5th of them have been taken down but contain no inappropriate content. I think this is a problem with the system that actually accepts decals. (I believe Roblox employees manually accept and neglect these images if I’m not mistaken).

And my account was put on hold just because of X :smile:

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For your item to be accepted manually follow the instructions below:

They should be able to manually accept it or let you know why you were taken down. How this helped!..