My Current Project, A driving game

So I made a car and just recently got the drifting scripting really clean with the EBrake, tell me what you think and also I apologize for the video quality being so cringey


Seem like you not using the free car model XD

Joke aside, it’s looking pretty good, very polished game BUT the GUI on the left should be more simplified and cash GUI is too big.

More simplified in what ways, can you provide an example by chance.

hmm, I think you should pick icon color like the color in the speedometer for the icons and black transparent background, I think you should see Vehicle Simulator as an example

Can you join me in the game so I can show you the rest of the UI, I’ve been working on it quite a bit but UI isn’t my specialty. The map I’m in is called Dorifuto Island.

I redid the ui, is that what you were thinking, I cant change the icon color at the moment due to being emojis lol