My ENTIRE game lags on an Apple Device and only Apple devices. Why?

Greetings! I just decided to start testing some new scripts on my iPhone, and it was lagging. Then, I tried my Mac, and it was lagging as well. I tried playing the up to date version of Bloxy Kart on my Mac, and it was lagging as well. It was not doing this in the past…

If anyone can tell me what would be causing this issue, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Do you only play on apple devices?

What type of iPhone and Mac do you have?

whats the version of your iphone and how much scripts does your game have

M1 MacBook Air
iPhone 13

iOS 15.3.1


275 scripts in workspace/screengui etc?

Did you test with any windows or android devices?

I tested it with Windows, and it is perfectly fine.

They are mostly server scripts. I counted with the Command Bar. And most of them are unused scripts as I counted with a beta version of Bloxy Kart.

hm, can you show a pic of the scripts?

Looks like there are 183 LocalScripts… Also, the issue randomly fixed itself, so I am thinking it had to do with something on Roblox’s side. Most of the Client got rewritten anyway, and stuff is not deleted until the first beta.