My Experience at RDC 2019

So I went to my first RDC with both excitement and nervousness. I was excited to go, however, I’m usually I’m shy and socially awkward and not good at making friends. However, RDC 2019 changed all that.

When I got there, I met a lot of great people and had a blast there. It was much much better than I expected. Attending RDC 2019 gave me a lot of good memories, such as the Friday party, keynotes, and Game Jam. This all helped me have better social skills and encouraged me to think about going next year!

What are your thoughts on this year’s RDC? If it’s your first time, are you thinking of returning? If you didn’t go, do you plan on going next year?


I was shy until the party and that made me kind of less shy and I could enjoy it from then. I met a lot of interesting people for sure


I wasn’t able to attend, but I’ve been watching the live stream.
I’m actually planning to go to RDC 2020. I’m super excited!


I’m socially awkward so that would be my weakness


I want there to be a bounce house


Sadly there is no bounce house :frowning:


Then I’ll just bring one of my own lol


Me coming in with itimages-12


I wish my flight was earlier, because then I could’ve gotten to the party for more than the last half hour. Sort of feel like that fact kind of handicapped my whole RDC experience in some ways, but I still met a lot of really cool people. :slight_smile:


Not an attendee, but I watched the streams and had a chance to look at the fun memories people have had there. I really liked the new advancements and features that were announced at the Keynotes. The Game Jam submissions were also pretty exciting!

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I went to RDC 2019 a day early so I can do the HQ tour. I decided “I will stay in San Jose for the night because it’s $30 cheaper and only 23 miles away”… LESSON LEARNED, the additional 2 hours of driving in traffic was not worth it.

Once I got to the Hyatt though, I was in paradise. My room overlooked the whole social area. I felt so connected when I was there.

Beyond that the food was great, developers are passionate, the staff is very supportive, I was socially awkward and the game jam was exciting. I will for sure return next year!! :sunglasses:


If I learned anything for next year is to come a day or two early. I arrived at RDC the day it started so I was exhausted by the time the party began. This mean’t I had a harder time socializing and staying awake. Coming a day or two would’ve helped me have the energy to not waste every minute.


When RDC came closer and closer, I got more nervous + excited. I thought like no one would know me there and I was just scared. Surprisingly, when I came to RDC, I’ve talked to more devs that I thought I would of. As this being my first RDC, I’ve had the best time of my life here. Made new friends, had lots of laughs, and even made so many good memories. I’m planning on going to RDC 2020 for sure! I’ve learned so many things during the sessions and keynotes. There were a lot of interesting sessions! I loved the Game Jam as well! I can’t wait to come back next year! So far, RDC has been the best thing this year! :smiley:


I didn’t go this year but I hope to go sometime. Based on everyone elses replies it seems like it was fun.

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Man! Looking at all of the RDC stories just makes me want to go even more next year. I still am unsure if I will though, because I’m not really a big developer and don’t really know anyone.

edit: i posted a topic a while asking and a few people said i should, so possibly going next year :smiley:

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