My Experience With Making A Feature Request At RDC

If any of you saw, the night of the Game Jam (The 10th) I made a (VERY SERIOUS!!) Web Feature Request in Platform Feedback about the wifi and making it so it goes faster.

This is what I learned…
Staff apparently see it right away (Unbelievable I know) and head over to you roughly 10 minutes later telling you that they saw the post and that it might be in the wrong category.

Now you might say that this is them doing their job as DevRel - Wrong! They saw the post and said they’re doing something about it.

Two hours later they come back saying that my Feature Request is being handled and that the internet will be getting better (Not because the guy telling me this wasn’t able to get Roblox to load at all).

About 10 - 20 minutes later - mysteriously - the internet gets a whole lot better. Seems like a Feature Request can make it all the better.

Feature Request in all its preserved glory: Fix RDC US 2019 Wifi


That’s pretty cool.
I’m glad that they implemented your request.

Good thing they were able to get back to you!

What a great contribution to the platform you made there


Thank you for your sacrifice. I’m surprised they knew where you were sitting, though. That’s a little weird.

Sadly, the answer to your request only lasted for a couple hours. And then it slowly crashed and burned the rest of the way.