My Feedback About Devforum

My Dream…

Ever since I was a little kid I played roblox in like 2015 because I didnt really know about it for so long. In 2019-2020 I have see people going to RDC parties in roblox & I always wanted to go, but I couldn’t because I wasn’t a member & my Roblox Studio wasn’t working for so long. In 2020 I finally got my studio working so I could learn more about roblox & make amazing game to impress alot of people & get great feedback to make my games 10/10!

Why I Wanted To Become A Member

So my reason for becoming a member in devforums was not only to go to RDC parties, but to learn more stuff from others & make new friends & to see some nice creations & tutorials & etc…

Making My Dad Proud!

My dad always knew that I used to play Roblox when I first started it, & he was always telling me to follow my dream & do my best… In 2020 July 4th, I had to go to my dads funeral because he died & he always knew that I wanted to makek him proud & to follow my dream.

Where I Wanna Work At When Im Older

I already know that my dream was to work at roblox, but a age like mine so far I am only 13 & not old enough to work there yet. But when I’m 18 I wanna apply for a job & I wanna be welcomed to alot of people at my job, that’s why I like to learn more about Roblox & the endless possibility’s.

My Feedback About Devforum

My feedback about this website is 100/100 really perfect, I have never seen such a nice developing communication website where you can talk to other people about having issues or showing your work to impress some people, what I really like about devforum is everyone being active & being connected to each other, I appreciate all the Roblox workers who have achieved there dream into becoming what they are today! I will meet everyone at Roblox soon… :wink:

Thank you so much roblox developers for reading this topic, have a great day!


never let anything get in the way of your aspirations and dreams. follow your heart and mind, fly high to your dad. :dove:


I’m glad you’re trying hard and want to be successful. I think it’s a wonderful thing for you and you following your dads words but just try to have a backup plan. You’re 13 now. 5 years roblox could close or become widely unpopular, don’t let the turning tables flip your future upside down. Try to get into game development as a whole, it’s a booming industry.


It’s very heart warming of how you did all of this and you tryed to make your dad proud.I am truly thank full of you not giving up and you trying to work at Roblox I hope you succeed in life and not giving up.

I am thank full of everyone who is trying there best and not giving up u hope everyone follow there dream :slight_smile:



Hey dude, it is the most amazing thing for you to follow what you desire most. Your dad was right, follow your dreams and accomplish what you want most. I think you will achieve your dreams. Just know that you are an amazing person and can do anything you want to…keep it up my friend!

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At least you are still doing your best and not giving up and still making your dad proud.

I want my family to be proud but they don’t care but if they don’t care then I have to care for my self I am thank full of my self for not quitting and trying my best.

And everyone if you are trying your best then you are going to have a better life and you will always stand up for your self



As long everyone is doing well then everyone is going to be okay.

I want everyone to work at Roblox because if they always dreamed to work there then they have to.

If you pick it up you don’t drop it

If you started it you finish it

Be who you want to be but never give up and keep trying.


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As long you are trying everyone will help you

Good luck, I completely understand what it’s like without a father as my one died June 30th 2016.

It is always a horrible ordeal to undergo.

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Let your dad rest well in heaven (is this allowed?). Let your dream fly high and don’t let it crumple if you reach an obstacle!