My first 3d modeled hat

i had a lot of spare time so i modeled something

hat with mug on top

i drew the #1 on the mug
no tutorials used to model this


put the hat on this noob head model (45.3 KB)

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Your obj was way too big so i just used a dummy head but here:


couldn’t you have scaled down obj lolits good except the cup is too low poly and the slime doesn’t look like slime (is it even slime?)

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its a cap with a mug on top oops

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and the cup looks low poly because roblox hates too many polygons

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yeah, i thought it was a cap, but it actually looked like slime lol

dude, im sure if you made it curved it would be less than 10k tris.

smoothened it up

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looks much better, except the attachment to the cup is weird.

thanks for the feedback, I actually took inspiration from when you said it looks like slime so i made the hat into a hot chocolate spilling mug

ouch. that would hurt. it doesn’t look realistic tho so to make it look realistic you just gotta make little drippings. send me a .blend file of that and I’ll show a recording of how to make it more realistic ok

hat1.obj (7.2 KB)

heres the file

remodeled the hat

finally it kinda looks more like a hat

aight i’ll have a video by tomrrow.

I know its suppose to be a Cap but the cup and shape of the cap make it look like someones spilling tea, frankly I would go with a spill effect instead of a cap as the cap model isnt as clean as it could be, if it was the cap alone you could market it as a shapeless cap or oldschool runescape style hat however if you want just a generic hat with a cup I would work more on the hats shape, the cup is fine however you could round out the handle a smidge more

Whoops, sorry, I just realized the size of the head when i imported it in blender
Also, what did you use to model this head?

I used blender, it looked kinda weird so i modeled it, which i replied in one of the posts