My first actual Moon Animator animation

Since I’m uncreative, I’m going to call it “Le Push”


Make player 1 move. Other than that it’s alright…


I mean not bad but theres a problem:

t o o m u c h l i n e a r

You should really really add easing styles to keyframes because this looks very rough and when you add it you will see a huge improvement and also adding cubic or quart with in-out looks good with general movement and rotation

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i just started so I do not understand half what your saying but okay.

Easing stlyes are the way how things move, you can edit easing styles by selecting a keyframe and pressing 7

Also cubic and quart are easing styles

Edit: also easing styles are used in tweening too

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oh ok. thanks! I’ll try it out in my other animations if I do them.

I mean why not add them to this one too it would look good

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Its good but the sudden snapping on the end can be improved

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im pretty sure that it was meant to have player one not move, cause the point is that it is impossible to move player one

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yea that was actually the point

player 2 lifts tries to push a anchored player lol

To add to the easing style thing I would recommend cubic. Its just usually what I use.

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