My first actual/bigger build

Yeaah I had this now for like 2 months but never decided to showcase it on the devforum. I haven’t built anything large since. This was the first time I had tried building something larger, before I only built small things like a chair or a pipe or a table.
Can you guess what it is? Tip: it’s leaning
All was made in Roblox Studio.

By the way: Please forgive me for my sins; yes, I used unions. Like, lots. I wouldn’t nowadays though. I’d use Blender, probably.

Feedback is obviously appreciated!


The Leaning Tower of Unions

This looks really good! Nothing that I really see that could be changed about it, nice job!


I still use unions. I tried getting into Blender, but I got frustrated at the controls and haven’t used it since. I don’t know what the big deal is.


I forgive you, allow me to teach you the basic fundamentals of blender

and you too
Shift+A - Spawn Mesh
Tab - Edit Mode
R - Rotate
S - Scale
E - Extrude (hard to explain you just have to have a face selected to use it, you can only use extrude in edit mode)
You can press X, Y, or Z when using R S and E

The part highlighted is another important part as it can help you either select edges, faces, or vertices only. Good Luck!


Thanks for this! I always thought the Blender controls can be confusing.

@EmeraldFlowerzRBLX the issue with Unions is that they can make builds laggy. If you would like to optimize your builds, you shouldn’t use too many unions. Using one or two unions is fine, but once you use a lot, it’ll start to lag. Also, I heard they can corrupt. I don’t know if it’s true, never happened to me, but I’d not go for the risk nowadays.

You’re technically correct :wink: (and also thank you for your feedback/help guys)

I don’t think about lag much, my computer handles a lot. As for other players, I just give lag warnings.

Pretty much anything can corrupt, so I’m not that worried.

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Yeah, me neither really. I just heard others say that for them it corrupts more often.

While yeah, some computers are able to handle unions (my computer does pretty well too), imagine one day you work for a game with tons of active users and they ask you for a map. The lag would be a huge problem in these cases, as most users on Roblox play on mobile/low-end devices (which most of the times can’t handle too much lag). For a build which will most likely not make it out there in the public or get tons of users, sure. I’d use unions more frequently. But once you start building for actual/big games, lag can become an issue.

This looks very good! Overall a nice build

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