My first animated npc

So im wondering what you all think about my first NPC i made for my game and also animated.
Made the model in Blender and animated it in studio.
Feedback appreciated!

robloxapp-20210305-2121384.wmv (528.9 KB)

quality is not the best of the movie.
visit the place here if you want

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Looks really good! Pretty awesome for a beginner :grin:

Try making the animations smoother though, watch tutorials for that one!

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Cute NPC, it is intended for young audiences I’d assume based on its “bouncy” style. The animation is good, mostly due to how you can’t see an obvious cut in the animation but you can tell its a short loop based on the movement - which isn’t a bad thing at all. As I mentioned at the start it is doing its desired market advertising well as I can recognise who it is designed for. (If it is not then I am sorry for my misinterpretation)
Keep up the good work!


thank you! its indeed planned for the younger kids :slight_smile: