My first character design (Feedback/Opinions/Thoughts)

Hi there, I had nothing to do but to design my bouncy ball (inflatable) like character: Lifty.

I tried my best on designing him.

Any tips, suggestions or improvements? Let me know!

Abilities: float on water, jump higher, stretch, roll, bounce, and more…

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For your first character it look really good but it look like it have problem with the mouth, the body, the tail,the head and also other body part of your character. not only the character have weird looking but the image i just see now, look really funny to me because of the type of the character body.
that all for now i will see you in the next reply…

What should I fix on the inflatable kitten? I’m worried about what’s going to happen later.

well, probably use an attachment on the character and you can build a rig if you want to animate a character. you also can learn this one first

try this first if it works you can build by yourself and if it not work use this tutorial
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And…how can I make him into a morph while rigged?

i think you use Roblox animation plugin

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So the HumanoidRootPart is required.

And I’ve got him rigged, since he has floating body parts (including welds).0

yes for the torso off your character
and also humanoid is the sorce of your chracter then required to connected all your chracter body parts

Oh, and…anything else before I start animating him?

where is the elbow of the chracter
is that all your character parts?

Yeah, I believe that’s all of the parts what I have.

ok you now you can animate if the result good.i really in joy to help and if the thee ruslt kinda bad look at video again

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And also, what I was going to think on the character: his eyes blink, and has some bouncy footsteps sound when he walks.

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Animations so far - Idle - Walking - Jump - Freefalling

I did my work since I got bored.