My First Ever GFX(s) and using HDRI with one of them

1st GFX :

2nd GFX :

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I love the lighting in both the logos, and overall they look very good.

1st GFX

The concept is very nice, but needs improvement. Personally, I wouldn’t use an irl HDRI, as it looks a bit odd mixing the real world with Roblox. I would also maybe add a hat if you are going for the “invisible head” look. Maybe change the shirt too, not suitable in my opinion.

2nd GFX:
I prefer this one over the two, love the vibrant colours along with the darker and duller look. With the lights, I think they could do with some refinements and they do look slightly odd having the red eyes and the really bright red body (I’m guessing they are pets of some sort).


The lighting in both GFXs are greatly used, and they’re really good.

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