My first ever GUI!

Hello! I just made my first ever UI, I know it’s not the best. But I’m still in the process of learning. I would really appreciate feedback! Thank you.


That was great, maybe posting that after you finish the entire GUI, so we can give feedbacks.


i lov it!!! great job for ur first try!!! u did very good for making this on ur own :wink:


Hi, jakob. I would like to say, it looks great for the first GUI. I actually have never made one, but, still looks not bad. Keep going!

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It’s your first GUI? Wow! My first UI function was making the frame visible or invisible and no tweening yet

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It looks amazing for your first UI, I’m also surprised you managed to tween it!

Future tips: try downloading some plugins to make your UI stand out more! I recommend Interface Tools for now. I’m also not sure, but the UI looks like it’s not in the center, try fixing that if I’m correct. Overall, great job!