My first ever Terrain Build!

if you have any suggestions please let me know!


That looks pretty good, but maybe consider upping the water transparency, removing the small chunk of lava, making the fence touch the ground, and adding more hills and bumps.

Good job! :ocean:


Hello @nash23122 ,

I think it looks very nice and neat but there is not much on it so to improve you could add a little more in it and I would advise to make it a little higher from the water.

Well done,

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it looks great but add some build-up so if the player can just walk towards the terrain rather than it looking bumpy and misplaced

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is there any way to make my graphics really high in studio?

That look surprisingly good! If this really is your first terrain build then you are already a pro at it! Although I would recommend adding grass to it.


Yes. See this official article on terrain by Roblox:

If you scroll down a bit you’ll see this:

Go to Settings > Rendering > Edit Quality Level.

Hope this helped you, again.

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The trees look a bit odd, but other than that, not bad for a start!

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Pretty decent for your 1st terrain build, I would add some more nature to this, maybe try these?

  • Rocks
  • Flowers
  • Bushes
  • Different colors of trees/bushes

The little magma sticking out on the edge looks like it isn’t supposed to be there.
Still, great work for a beginner!

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Looks good for your first time with terrain, but I would include what game the terrain is for, just so that we know what the terrain is going to be for and from there we can suggest more improvements on how you can make it better. For right now, I recommend making it blend a little more. But other than that, I think it looks good!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I will add all the suggestions onto the terrain and see how i like it. I’m hoping i can get better day by day to become a professional terrain editor! :smile:

From the picture you provided is that the terrain in it’s full size? If not it looks alright I feel like it’s just half of a terrain and not a large or medium built terrain, consider practicing more at the start it does look nice but it isn’t a lot to go off giving feedback on.

To me the land looks pretty dull and plain I think to help give your terrain more life and depth is to add some plants and other vegetation you could add the extra details to it. In the following picture, it’s some alright terrain but it isn’t much I believe it won’t hurt to add different details to it instead of trees you could try adding logs, grass, flowers, mushrooms, logs, sticks, that’ll match with the setting.

Consider playing around with the lighting and different effects to add a bit of realism (Bloom, Blur, ColorCorrection, SunRays, Particles) at the start it looks alright.

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Agreed with lava removal. I think it doesn’t look as good with lava.


Ok so I re-tried and I think I did better this time? You guys should check it out!