My first functioning script

After a very long time of trial and error and spending ages reading the api, I have finally finished my functioning script.

I’m quite proud of this, even thought some more experienced scripters would laugh at me.

I know that I should add sound effects and text to the return button but I simply couldnt find text that would match the arrow.


Very good if it’s your first script ! :wink:
Keep up the good and hard work ! :sunglasses:
Have a nice day ! :grin:

dude im an experienced scripter and i didnt laugh (okay maybe a little)

but jokes aside, im happy for you because this the beginner of your scripting journey
which will be full of ups and downs but you didnt give up and thats what counts

cant wait too see your work in a few years

That’s more than I can do.
No literally, good job.

This is your first script??? You’re really good

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