MY FIRST GAME ever created

(UPDATE) GemHunter - Roblox pls review and give feedback . So i can make a difference to roblox


It’s mostly free models, and the lobby was confusing because it looked like that was the whole game. I can’t imagine anybody playing this game for over 5 minutes.


Thank you for ur feedback i can make a better game

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There are a lot of free models. I would suggest building some of the cottages. The lobby Is very confusing maybe make the teleporter step on instead. Let me know if you need any help.


THANK YOU OR THE FEEDBACK . I shall ask u for help but i need ur discord

have it were i can get up the ladder for the pink orb

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You should add a sound effect or a text that pops up on your screen telling you that you picked up a gem when you pick up gems to make the player know they picked up a gem and nothing something else, I saw the text on the wall saying how many gems I have picked up but it could be good so the player doesn’t have to run back to check
And I also randomly just took damage and nearly died for no reason
and adding the option to be able to run would be a very good feature because having to walk a long bit to get to other places is really annoying so if you add the option to run it would be very good!


After playing for a bit more I realised you could just walk around the wall to get to the other side

I hope I gave you enough info to help you improve your game by some bit

I also forgot to mention the house is unanchored, the house was shaking a lot while a player was walking inside of it


Congrats on making your first game. I have to admit I don’t understand it. Is it supposed to be like an Alice in Wonderland kind of thing where the character feels disoriented? I liked the rhyme and that kind of makes me feel like that’s where you may be going, but maybe have some npcs or something along the way to help guide you in your quest.

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Since I could easily move the player model wherever I wanted, I would advise anchoring the player model.

Additionally, the lobby was excessively large and the “Lobby” text was too high up for me to read without awkwardly angling my camera, maybe bring that down a bit.


Aside for what @killersuperlegend said its rlly buggy when i clicked the blue orb it disappeared and i also spotted this:

I wish u all the luck!

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Yeah one of my friends saw that too

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Hey @falcon001383 ive got a question: how Much time did u spend on the game? How about giving it a few months even if u think its finished, then come back to this thread and update it. I think it can be a really amazing masterpiece if done right


It took me 3months to finish it

I have to debug the game soo i will do it soon

YES i will try to do next update

You have to find orbs hidden in the map.u will find a red ball that u have to click

Yes i shall fix it in the next update

When u pick the gem before there used to be sound effects but there are many bugs to fix that i need help with

Yes i shall do that in the next update