My first game on Roblox that does not have any bugs`

Please give feedback on how I could improve this game! (I am working on a shop right now :smiley:)

A mini game I’ve been working on :smiley:


The idea of ​​the game fascinates me. I suggest you try to use fewer free models. The fewer free models you use, the more unique your game will be.

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Wdym, I didn’t use any free models

Two things, you should fix up the Status UI It only covers half the screen.

Next, there is a glitch where you can continuously jump on a brick and never fall.

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In the studio, it shows up fine, like this:

now I know that the reason why this is happening is that roblox studio and the roblox application have different aspect ratios- but how do I fix this?

Change the size of the GUI, not the offset.

I knew that sky was on the toolbox…

oh yeah, that one isn’t. (30 c h ar s)
edit: I meant that it is

Facepalm I meant that it is, but i typed the wrong thing