My first gfx design

Hello there, I recently got into making gfx and this is my first one: image

I wanted to know what I could improve on, I obviously know about the background but I just want some good criticism. Thanks for reading this post!

My main concern is lighting as I’m not sure wether its clear where the light source, and some tips for creative backgrounds as I really had no idea.


if you’re using blender please try and to mess with the render settings and lighting because you can’t notice that much detail

looks good tho.


I’m not using blender but I now notice how there’s not as much detail, I’ll try and fix that and maybe I’ll get blender to make these.

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If you need help with blender, There is some blender step by steps videos on Youtube! :smiley:

Also, The shirt is weird its not detailed at all but besides that its lovely! <3

I hope to see more in the future.

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