My first GFX feedback

Hi developers, I am normally a coder, but I had some time to spare so I decided to try to make a GFX. I know the shadowing may be a little bad but I tried my best.

I would appreciate reply’s and constructive criticism so I can improve them in the future.

Thanks :smile:


All of it looks good, except it looks very low quality & the character outline seem pixelated

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Yea, I noticed that too lol. I think it must have been the program I was using. Thanks for the comment :+1:

No problem! Also if you want to continue doing GFX with the current app that you use, then you should try use some glow effect/shadow that can help hide it

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Thank you for the tip. I don’t use blender although I have it as blender in my opinion is good but hard to learn. I use Photopea and a green screen effect thing. I always told myself “It works” but maybe I should try to learn blender.

I do that in studio, with the Highest Quality roblox can handle

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Is this made in roblox studio itself? cause the quality isn’t really good, and everything is super low pixelated. The pose doesn’t really fit well in the photo, if you look good at the arms.

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Its a combination of Roblox studio and Photopea as I don’t use blender as its way too hard to learn in my opinion. I’m pretty sure the tool I used to cut the original avatar in the first place pixelelated my GFX. Thanks for the feedback though. :+1:

I would suggest making a blender render, and also making a real background without just slapping on an image!

It might be hard to learn blender, but making a gfx on it is pretty easy, you can search videos on youtube on how do it and the results are way better compared to roblox studio

I will try to do that thanks. :smiley:

Yea I should learn blender. I always think learning from YouTube is hard too. but I shall try my best. thanks. :smiley:

Looks nice! Could use some improvements though.

I thought so as well but I managed to learn how to use it within a week and have made some decent stuff with blender. Here are the videos I used that helped me.

They teach you about bendable rigs, lighting help, rendering and really helped.
It takes some time to get used to but it will make the GFX you make so much better.

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Thanks so much. :smiley: your helped me lol.