My first GFX feedback!

Hey guys! It’s me again Jurkiex. I’ve recently told myself that I’m not gonna give up blender and somehow I learned it!
I want from you guys an feedback on my first GFX.

Please give me a feedback so I will motivate myself to improve my skills and do more GFX!


I’d say pretty decent. But background doesn’t fit. Maybe make background like clothing store or shop.

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Yeah I know it but I had no idea what background should I put so.

For your first gfx and use HDRI wow its honestly not that bad

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Hey there!

Pretty good GFX for a beginner! I’m guessing you used PaintRigV3? Well, if you did, you should try moving around the arms and legs a bit more. Maybe like bending them a bit?

Also, the character looks like plastic and shiny, maybe mess about with some stuff until it looks less shiny?
But, as you are a beginner, I can not give to much criticism!

Keep up the good work!

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Why is the lighting so dark? You should improve more of it. Try to add more depths in the background as well.

Overall, good job.