My First GFX Render!

I followed a tutorial to create this.
This is my first time ever using blender and I wanted your opinions!
I’ll be making an edit later today.
(Ignore the bad pose and the weird arms haha).


Amazing job! It is visually interesting and the position is fine, I would just make sure to get rid of the white background as it s very plain and sort of out brightens your colours.

I hope you found that useful!

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Thanks! Glad you like it!
I’m gonna be doing the background and all that at the end of the day and I’ll upload it here!

No problem, cant wait to see the finished look!

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Here’s the edit!
Feedback is appreciated!

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For a first attempt this is great, May I suggest working with different poses though? The model’s ankle is clipping through their thigh and its kind of off-setting when you notice it. Besides that great work, I love the lighting in this piece you did that very well.

Amazing! I love the pant style and the colours complement each other May I suggest, updating the arms as they are unattached from her body and maybe making the pose slightly different so it looks better.