My First Good Build!

Hello Developers!

I was recently working on my game that is about to release, Blind Raid. I have a menu screen for it and I decided to take a shot on building and lighting skills. I’m proud of what it turned into!

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4


Any constructive criticism is appreciated!


It’s nice but, #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback … there it belongs…

Thanks for reminding me…

ooga booga


It does look pretty dope, but I would add more decorations around the place and maybe make the light flicker somehow. Also, If you made that NPC look like a Drill Sergeant, that would give it a more military look. Apart from that, amazing build!

Its nice however the detail between the room itself and the guns / ammo crate on the table contrast too much with the different building types making it look very odd.

Considering that one of the (presumptuously) gun lockers is rusted, I would make it so the room is degraded as well - if I were you I would achieve this by adding cracks in the walls, weed going through the roof and the walls, potential vines draping down and rust on the other lockers as well.

To add more variety to the lockers, I would make one partially opened so that you can see the contents within - more guns etc.

The walls are very bare and empty - so you could even add paintings, shelves on the walls for more ammo crates, even more lights and a door.

Use this photo as a useful reference for improvement.

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Uhhh, that npc is the player’s character actually…

For, more player engagement purposes.

The locker that is rusted is for lore, that is why the other lockers are fine and this one isn’t.

I was going to work on the walls, thank you for reminding me!

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

Ohhhh, well then, at least, nice build!

I’ve added an image for what the build looks like in the real game (I know the UI is very basic and it is just there for testing purposes)

Yes, the gun is animated using Motor6Ds.