My first homestore build!

Hi guys!
So, I decided to give my first proper build a go.
I first joined roblox in 2012 but never really made anything in full. I came back to roblox recently after a few years and this is my first project!
It’s a modern styled homestore.
Link to store: MODERN HOMESTORE - For sale. - Roblox

I haven’t added any clothing or functions as that would be up to a potential buyer

Any feedback or suggestions of what could be added or fixed would be greatly appreciated
Also willing to sell for a small price. Things can be added and personalised to the buyer. (Clothes, logos, game pass integration and more)

I hope you enjoyed looking at my first real build!
All feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thankyou! - viiews. :grinning:


Look great! :+1:

You should make the map a bit more bigger and the clothing rigs more spaced out. I think other than that it’s good! :slight_smile:


Boo! :ghost:
Right before your door, you have a couple of parts overlapping, causing a ‘glitching’ effect.

Multiple areas are either really bright or really dark. I presume that you are using blocks that are invisible for the lighting. Remove all of those and go to your Explorer. Scroll down to Lighting and change the Ambient to a lighter color or just make the black a gray or white color:
More overlapping parts here.

Empty and wasted space here. Move the mannequins against the walls, and then, add some decorations.

All of the mannequins here face in one way. It looks like a scene from a SCF game. I would suggest 1, spreading them out and 2, rotate them.

Way too much going on. You really only need one (1) pattern per room.
More overlapping parts.
More overlapping parts.
Continue this pattern throughout the deck.
More overlapping parts and continue this pattern throughout the pathway.
Please, stay away from free models with viruses. When I first joined the game, it tried to teleport me to another game. If you do wish to use these free models, use an anti-virus plugin to get rid of the viruses or check the scripts yourself.
Everything stated here in this post is merely based upon my opinion and my first looks. Please, do not feel disheartened or feel like you should follow everything I have stated. This is just feedback and meant to help your building skills.
Also, you have a bunch of neon parts in your game. It can be an eye-sore, especially at night or early in the morning.
FallinqSnowFlake :upside_down_face:


Looks pretty good! Keep up the good work. :+1:

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Looks pretty nice and cozy, i definitely love the atmosphere that you have created there. Id give it a 9/10 (Always room for improvements)

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Okay, thankyou. and yeah i’d love to pay more attention to interior design, as it’s not my strong point.
As for the overlapping parts - Thanks for pointing this out.
The lighting is done with outdoor ambience and indoor ambience, it’s probably just too intense.
And I’m not sure why it prompts the player to teleport to another place on arriving, it’s either a mannequin script or admin script.
Thanks for your feedback

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I’m looking to learn how to make better maps and stuff currently.And yeah i do think the map is kind of small!
I appreciate your feedback alot. Thankyou!

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Thanks so much! a lovely comment about my build :slight_smile:
I was striving for a more cozy feel. So thanks alot!!

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Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback !

It looks amazing! It has a really nice map. The only thing I would say is add machines to that bar so the staff can make drinks.
If you are having problem with viruses, I would suggest using these plugins:

The things you mentioned should be fixed. thanks alot!

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Is this for sale? If so, then please tell me!

Sadly, you are no longer able to sell games on the dev forum, read here for more detail.

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Looks awesome, I would add some more details on the interior.

Your homestore looks okay for a first time build, but it doesn’t feel alive. Your homestore needs improved lighting, detail, and designs that will make visitors and employees feel “at home”. Your lighting is very cold and dark, as I see a great deal of shadows. Your homestore also feels very packed and not very spacious, as most should. Take this as an opportunity to improve the build; it has potential!

I would love to visit your homestore but its private :frowning: