My first Low-Poly building

Do you like it? image


That doesnt really look low poly style you should make the door frame, window frames and the roof thicker

Edit: I made this post for the other building befire he changed it, adding this incase there may be confusion

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Oh, alright, I’m going to fix that.

There’s my other Low-Poly building.

For your first low-polly style building it looks super good. Some things I do recommend is some plants/flowers to make it standout more. But other then that it looks amazing.

Thanks! I really appreciate it.

It is good, but it kind of reminds me of a free model I saw called “Low Poly Shop”, like the theme and colors. Were you inspired by it? Still, looks good for a first build.

I did not use free models, I inspired from a building on youtube. But I did all by myself.

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If it doesn’t have many polygons, it is low-poly haha.

Looks great, amazing color choice. The reflections on the window is a good bit of detail

Theres a difference theres two low polys, one is used for determining the amount of polygons/triangles/vertices and the other one is an artstyle that has visible triangles and polygons

That’d be cartoon, no such thing as “low-poly style.” Plus, he said low poly build not low poly style build.