My first model feedback please

Im working on this tissue paper model Feedback is highly appreciated since Im new.

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 3.16.04 PM Updated
Its on SketchUp for Schools.


I hope you like it because I was inspired to do this thanks to @IProgramForFun Thank you! @IProgramForFun and hope your game gets succesful :slight_smile:
And it took me 20 minutes to do it.


Looks really good! I am not a very experienced modeler, so I think you’ll probably not get as good feedback from me, but I do really like it. Maybe make it so there is a tear line like where the sheets separate, that would be a fun detail!

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ok thanks Ill update it right away! :slight_smile:


its not bad but you should make the thing inside more symmetrical its kind annoying

It looks good, but it’s very simple. Try challenging yourself.

It looks good, but it would be better if:

  • The hole was symmetrical.
  • There was a holder for it.
  • Maybe a stray piece coming off the side.
  • Some simple context i.e. a countertop that it’s sitting on.

Quick model (ignore the messy edges) to show you what I mean:

Also, I would recommend using Studio or another program SketchUp (for me at least) seems to require lots of effort for minimal results.

Uhh…okay then I guess I’ll have to model on roblox studio
Btw scetchup is so easy that’s why.