My First Photogrammetry Generated UGC Feedback

Through the use of Photogrammetry, I was able to convert 400 png images taken from the real life lasagna that I made in my kitchen to a sizable UGC item in ROBLOX Studio!

360 degree view of the UGC Concept:

The process took a week as I had to deal with learning the software that I used to turn the 400 2d images onto a 3d mesh. The software I used is called Meshroom. It took a lot of trial and error, experimentation in regards to the assessing the number of images and the output of detail on the mesh in the final results. I also had to lower the polycount to below 4k which was tedious as the mesh that came out of Meshroom was over 100k polygons.

UGC Concept worn in ROBLOX Studio

I am really proud of the result I got. The fact that I physically made this beloved Italian dish in my kitchen and had actually managed to import it into ROBLOX Studio still amuses me.

Real Life Reference Used

Photogrammetry can indeed be achieved in ROBLOX Studio, though I think in the future I’ll stick to just manually modeling my UGC Concept creations.

360 view of lasagna in 100k polygons

Let me know what you all think about the use of Photogrammetry on ROBLOX.

Do you think it is useful?
Do you think there is a future for Photogrammetry here on ROBLOX?


Photogrammety seems like it can make cool UGCs, I can see a future in this, from all the tech developed nowadays

Nice UGC you made, I would buy it, provided its not expensive

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Might price it to the same price a real life lasagna would be! :dollar:

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That’s like finding the best food stand in town down a back alley, take my money now

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Cool idea but in my opinion the UGC doesn’t look that good.

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10/10 looks delicious, and I hate lasagna!


Hahaha this is a really awesome project! Props to you for combining cooking with 3d-modeling.

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