My First Roblox Art

Hey, so recently I made this art I would love some feedback on it.

(Ps it’s made with 3D Paint lol)


Nice job as your first artwork! Just make clearer clouds :slight_smile:


It looks good as your first art work. I like how you drew the character it’s a cute style.

  1. How you drew the water seems kinda odd imo. Mostly cause it looks like the water is drawn from a birds eye view, while the other objects are drawn from a straight view.
    For a suggestion I would recommend drawing the water going from the left side of the frame to the right side. Or maybe adding some plants around the side/edges of the water.

Yeah I know the water is really bad.

i have a question, why is there water floating on the sky? lol

looks so cute :smiley: you can use it as a cover photo of a game

Looks like what 3D paint art would look like. Cool