My first Scene Render


So, I’m Faith. I’ve been making GFX on Roblox for a little over 6 months, never really going too deep into blender though. I mainly do 2D art with a few character renders every now and then.

I decided to try a scene render. I’m no where near the point of commissioning, but I’m hoping for feedback on how it already is and how I can make it better.

The Render



I just noticed, in front of the blue man there seems to be a woman without a face or she is turning the other way around? Unsure, you should try make it more clear. Adding on, you can see that someone has dropped their ice cream but it seems like there is no hint that any other characters noticed it, you should try do that.

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The person behind the customer in blue is wearing headless, I suppose it isn’t very obvious if you don’t know before hand. She was going to be the person noticing the guy fall over, I should’ve thought about that lol.

Thanks for your feedback! <3

Great job, Faith! It looks awesome. :sparkles:
You’re very talented. :open_mouth:


Wow… This is amazing for your first render! It’s fun, creative, and detailed. Keep up the great work and keep me updated on what more creations you make!

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It’s a good render, but I don’t see any smooth shadows. It’s just like there’s light everywhere causing it to not have shadows. Maybe you can add like a spot area and the shadows might form out. Overall, great job!

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You should be so proud of yourself! This is such a amazing render keep up the awesome work Faith!

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Amazing! For your first render, this is pretty good. Better than me anyway. :sweat_smile:
Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

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This is your first render.! Wow.! Looks good…keep up the good work.

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The colors don’t match well. A bright blue background in front of a dark brown floor and players wearing black shirts isn’t the best match. Plus, the colors are too saturated to be “realistic”.

The rendering quality isn’t the best, but it’s getting there. Next time, maybe add motion blur from the person falling, it adds more realism. A bit of blurriness in the background should also be added.

Overall it’s ok to be accepted by players all around Roblox.