My First Serious Build

Hello, devs! I’m looking for feedback on my first serious build. What I mean by first serious build is that I have built in Roblox Studio before but I wasn’t really working with it. Note: I know the lighting is terrible.


The idea of making a globe is pretty good, maybe fix the glass flicking weirdly and that should do it.

How would I fix this? I used a NegativePart for the globe and that’s probably how that flickering is happening because the part is the flickering. How would I fix this?

I dont really know the solution to that, you should do a quick research trought the forum to see if you find some information and if not check some tutorials.

What is this about? Can you please give us more context of it? From the looks of it, it doesn’t like a serious build.


Your flickering issue is something I might’ve well occurred many times on studio when it comes to negative parts & unions. From what I noticed or encounter is with glass or any block that has properties of transparent and reflective.

When you union any material from studio, especially if it’s glass, or transparent blocks make sure the part you’re going to turn negative and union is have the same properties, I’ve noticed that when I union glass material with transparency and my negative part was a normal inserted studio block it ended up glitching out the glass in a weird unexplainable way. That’s my solution on the issue but you may of experienced it in a more different way than I did.

If I solved your issue I’d appreciate it if you mark my comment as a solved. If you still have questions or cannot resolve your issue I am more then willingly going to help you if you reach out via DM’s on DevForum. You can do so by Click Profile —> Message — > Submit your message

What I mean by “serious build” is this is one of my first builds I’ve actually planned and worked on. Sorry for the late response!