My First ShowCase Game!

Now for the first time in my life ShowCase game I’m newer than the error if you can report.

Pictures :

Playable Link Of The Game :


Hello there,

Nicely done! Good graphics.

One question! Are the trees a Free Model? If so, try to make them yourself (I know it’s very difficult). But because of this, people don’t get high ping.

I mean more… Try not to make too many Free Models cause this to become a Lagg Game!


Sys. (Aka. Tim)


There are some ready models.
If the game starts to be played a lot, all the ready models silicem this just wanted to do a trial.


So if I understand you correctly, there’ll be homemade ones later?


If I Can Improve My Building And Develop This Kind Of Game Making, I’ll Think About Building It.


Okay, always check the models, because every now and then there may be a Virus-Script in them! Those teleport random players to another game for example, and not the owner.


Like @Systerni said, you need to look out for virus scripts - they could be hidden in the smallest folders and have the most powerful impact.
Essentially, your design is well-built and looks stunning in any perspective.
Good job! :tropical_fish:


It’s pretty annoying indeed when you get a virus in your Game.


Thank You, I Have Many More Ideas In My Mind

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Good graphics, looks realistic! I would definitely play it.


If I’m not mistaken, this is just a practice build, or is it still in development? If you’re going for a forest the trees need more height and more items need to be placed to have that resemblance of a forest?

The elevation of the terrain is nice i would try smoothing out the paths instead of having rocky paths looks a little unappealing maybe you could place some rock areas in the terrain itself try to include more vegetation, if your recreating a forest or going for that look add vegetation height to the trees.

The trees seems a little repetitive considering that there going to be variety of trees added to your showcase regarding there just place holders, the lighting itself looks good it adds a bit of realism but i would add things like bushes, sticks, small ponds i’m sure this is already planned out? The terrain itself, look good. Well done on that. I would place some rocks to the ground giving it more of a lively feel to it.

I just took it off as a test.
I don’t want it to be a bad map.
that’s why I’m developing it.

Sorry About The Late Response.