My first showcase

Hello! I just finished my first showcase and I would really like some feedback on it! This took me around two weeks to finish.

Here’s the link to the game:



Very good, simple medium poly style that not a lot of people see a lot. Very good layout.

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But may I ask how did you find such a good layout

I haven’t played the game yet but from the screenshots it looks really cool and realistic, especially the layout is very good.


Hey! I checked out your showcase and I absolutely love it!
I really loved the lighting! Great details through out.
You did an amazing job! Keep up the great work! :smiley:


I had the idea to make this kind of layout for a while and it just kind of sticked with me and it came back to my mind as soon as I started building. I just went with it!

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I feel like I always see people doing showcase designs of nature (usually grasslands or forests) so it’s nice to see something a bit different. The layout is very well thought-out and I think there’s just the right amount of detail in all the rooms. Nice work :+1:

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I agree, looks pretty realistic although its kinda low poly looking
OMG I’m stunned!!

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