My first song and need feedback

This is my first song is it cool or not

Have a nice day
Unus Annus Memonto Mori


What genre of game did you compose this song for? It is interesting however it probably needs more variety for it to be more enjoyable for example have different sections in the song instead of one and have more variety in dynamics.

Depending on your genre good work however the chord progression should feel like it will end somewhere.

Take the first chord and compare it to the last and you will hear why it is usually better to end on the same chord you began with.

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ok thanks for your tips hope you have a nice day :wink:

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You did a great job, but I agree with @kozianss, the chord progression should feel like it ends somewhere.

Ignore above message, person might have been hacked like April Fools day, you song is awesome!

Sound selection is good. I do think the melody/chords are out of key? Unless you wanted to give it a sort of ‘horror’ vibe to it.