My first thumbnails!

I made these quick thumbnails for a game that I am making.

Here they are:

Any tips on how to improve them would be appreciated. :grin:


They look quite plain. Maybe add a shadow behind the avatar.

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Something like this?

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Something more like this, I just quickly made it with a drawing tool so ignore how bad it looks.
Annotation 2020-08-15 224218

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Ohhhh I see.

Like this?

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This looks great! The character looks a bit smushed, try photoshopping to make it look… not slim.

I would advise learning to render Roblox characters in Blender as well as using Photoshop. It will infinitely help your thumbnail-making skills.

Alright, I stretched him out a bit and changed the shadow.

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Thanks for the advise! I would like to pick up on using blender to make thumbnails after I make the game playable. :grin:

The first two are really good, but the last could use a bit of help.

.Make it a GFX so It doesnt look a bit awkard, or you could add a bit of shadows

And thats really it, if you want help to Make a GFX
Heres a link:
You will need blender

Hope this helped!


Thanks! I’ll look into this once my game is playable. :grin:

No problem

Lets see you on the front page


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The first one seems a little blurred might want to change the lighting on the third person maybe make him do a pose besides that and make it more complex.

The second one looks a bit too warped on the left side of the thumbnail, around the tree area… Perhaps “unstretch” it so it doesn’t look really stretched and low resolution :slight_smile:

This is good, but that shadow for the right leg never comes in contact with the right leg, try making it go behind the right leg.

Okay, I’ve done some upgrades to all of them.

Here they are:

They look much better and a lot more detailed! Fantastic efforts!

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