My first time Modeling

Hello this is my first time modeling in blender, Is it good tho


If its bad just tell its ok. I just want to see if I am good

Is this good for first time
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Download (FBX File, Blender File)

ATemple.fbx (337.2 KB)
Temple.blend (1.5 MB)

Other Info

I am the a founder of Intersecting Studio’s
I am a scripter (still learning)
My group - (1) Intersecting Studio’s - Roblox
If you want to donate here - (1) Intersecting Hoodie - Roblox
Thanks for reading


I rated your poll 5 I think yout design is really good for a first time :grinning:


Pretty good for you’r first time

Good for your first time.

Could I be a dev in your group?

Yes, I guess you can come if you want. We are developing a game as well as we get hired by others and get payed. If you are ok with it then join my group and tell me

Yea, its some kind of a old temple

I already joined the group!
Okay, mega.

Or I’ll be a co-owner.

Idc if I’m a dev or co-owner.

I just want one.

:racehorse: :smiley:

You are a Dev since you just came if my Co-Owner quit u might get a promotion. Or someone else might

Okay, thanks mega!

:smiley: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No problomo. :slight_smile:. Welcome to the team @tysyaka

This model is pretty cool for your first time modeling in Blender! Although, it would be cool if you’d maybe give more context as to what your model is! :smiley:

I also suggest looking up the Blender Donut Tutorial and trying it out! It’s a great beginner-level course on YouTube that allows for beginners to dwell in the 3D Art world!

Best of luck!!

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Oh ok, I will check it out thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guys download it if you want I don’t want it its good for a zombie rush game or somthing’s map