My friend and I created a game using free models for our YT Channel

Wassup, devs!
Me and my friend has made a 90% free model game.

Basically we tried our best, we are still working on it, and yes it’s for a channel named Cube Solve.

Note: We do not intend to use this to bait players or promote anything on this thread! We are just doing this for fun and feedback.

Game link: [Beta] Cube Solve City - Roblox

What are your thoughts?


Wow! From the photos, I think it looks amazing! I like the street and the buildings you provided in the photo! I wouldn’t use a lot of free models for my game. But I’d say congrats to you and your friend for making this! And I hope you guys have a happy new year!


:tada: Happy new year to you too, @antojensob! :tada:

that isn’t the only place though, we were just lazy lol


looks pretty good, however i dont mean to burst your bubble but a game basically made out of only free models isnt something to really brag about…


For free model it looks good, after the game has a little freeze from time to time, the models are beautiful. I advise you to check if it does not contain a backdoor

Small advice if you plan to improve the free models, for moving the car, use tweening with position

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Your city game is pretty decent, but I feel there are way too many NPCs, and some of them keep getting run over by the cars. They move very slowly, probably due to the amount of them in the game.

(This corner actually leads to no-where)

The cars are incredibly slow and laggy, and tend to drive backwards, continusly pushing people into the ground and knocking them over.

The builds are decent, but the word “Merchandise” is spelled wrong:

This doorway is too short to go through, probably was moved down on accident (?)

Somebody stole the car off these wheels:


Certain builds are used multiple times

I’ve got no clue what’s going on over here


It’s OK for a free model game, but could definitely be better.

- ir

@u_vsm Ye, it’s just for fun. I’m not everyone’s usual dev :stuck_out_tongue:

@Med367367 Nah, those were just me. I also deleted… 1347 viruses in game so that should be enough…

@infiniteRaymond Oof, I added 200 NPCs! I originally planned 50 only…

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keep in mind that it was all free models, you are telling them to fix the cars going slowly, and things not working, it was free models, they didnt make it

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@infiniteRaymond Sorry for the second ping but here’s a closer look at your reply.

Like I said though, I will turn down the amount of the NPCs.

Not everything is finished, so I haven’t done that part yet, sorry.

A typo, better fix that.

I can’t figure out a way to not make the cars go backwards and forwards again. I also can’t get the NPCs to not get on the road, because I don’t think there’s something I can do about it.

Me and my friend can’t script, so we created a challange for us.


Ima remove that car, it doesn’t make sense on everything it uses at all.

I don’t remember using those multiple times, we must have lost count…

Oh, I forgot to add a Road Construction sign.

@SoaringDean For example.

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Oh k.

btw, sense you used many free models I recommend checking for any viruses (I know you might think you checked and nothing happens when you join but there are things deeper than that)

I highly recommend this plugin, and use a scan on it: Server Defender | OFFICIAL PLUGIN - Roblox
It is about the best of the best you can get with anti-virus/server defender plugins.
I know it is safe, I’ve used it for a while, my friends have, and recommended it to many people who said they were pleased with it, plus its the inly one that works live in Studio (I think). When you insert a virus, it’ll give you a little alert, and you can scan at any time you want.

Guess what, the game is 95% free models. I found 1497 viruses today, but I sadly don’t use the plugin you used. Know DanPanMan? Yeah his plugin. Anyway thanks for the recommendation! :smiley:

Happy new year!

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