My game has no reloading, is this a good choice?

So as of now I’ve been working on a titanfall 2 and doom 2016 esque shooter, with wallrunning and glory kills and all of that. However, after a few testing sessions with QA testers, they all universally agreed on a reloading system

For context, my FPS framework doesn’t have any reloading system, but rather feeds from your reserve directly. I intentionally did this so that the game would be more like doom, so that people would feel like an unstoppable force

Besides, my framework is already deeply woven with other systems, so it’d be a bit tough to add reloading.

TL;DR: I don’t have reloading in my game because it conflicts with the original idea of the game, should I still implement it anyway?

EDIT: This has been solved and already decided. I will close the poll shortly and thanks for all the feedback : )

Should I add reloading in my game?
  • Yes
  • No

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Before answering, what does this mean exactly? :thinking:

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Maybe you should add a poll to the discussion!

In my opinion, if you can, you should.


It means that there’s this value inside of the player, it holds different amounts of ammo. Your gun directly feeds from it, meaning there’s no need to reload anyway

You could instead of a reloading system (changing mags or adding bullets) a cool down. A bit like this:

Shooting for too long results in a cooldown.

Not shooting can lower the cooldown bar.

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Oh my god you absolute genius

Why haven’t I ever thought of this idea

Yeah I still don’t understand what you mean. :pensive:

Okay let’s say you have 50 rounds of, say, pistol ammunition in your “backpack”, right?

You shoot one bullet. One bullet comes out of your “backpack”. That’s what “feeding from the reserve” means


I think a reloading system is 200% more preferred, cause people can just spam the guns endlessly. It gives more thrill and agony having to wait for the gun to refill.


So the bullets magically go into the gun without delay?

Yes :pensive: They do

I originally planned to make ammo very scarce, basically replicating the effect of magazine conservation

Yeah maybe a cooldown won’t work, so I guess it’s time to completely rehaul my awful framework :sob:

Yeah I would have a reloading feature with limited ammo. It prevents players from spray and pray.


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And so be it! Reloading will be added in!!!

Oh dear time to spend 3 days straight re-coding everything :sob:

Shooting non stop only has one area for counterplay- go in when ammo runs out. There’s more balance and skill expression when you can work around some sort of timing window where you know they cannot fire back at you. Similar to what @16Thunderstorm mentioned above. Something like this in my opinion is necessary in multiplayer games. But even in singleplayer, it’s less fun and takes a bit away from the short term risk factor.


Don’t cry! It will make your game better. :wink:


It’s not hard doing so, you will just have to add a bullet variable and an animation for it if you want.