My Game Is Having A Bad Time Getting Concurrent Players. Any Help?

I have spent 1.920 Robux on Ads and 6.730 Robux on Sponsored Ads, but my game just wont get any concurrent players. If anyone has any good way to get players into the game for a long time or better ways to grow a game without ads or sponsors, please tell me.

This is the game:

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if you got some friends online. then get them all on your game. just a group of people playing for an hour can easily get other friends to play that roblox game aswell. I’ve done it before bringing back completely dead games.

First of all, you should probably move the “[DAMAGE UPGRADES!]” text to after the game’s title, because on a mobile device, you’d probably only see “[DAMAGE UPGRADES!].”

Next, the thumbnails could probably a bit of blur to add more detail. Also, your thumbnails are very monochrome, which may scare away a younger demographic.

I’m not saying that you should completely cover it wth ranbow text and colors, I’m just saying that you may want to add some colors, or change the green text monochrome as well.

I’m not sure how the icon looks, but you should probably apply similar logic to it.

On top of that, ads like banner ads are not as effective for new games, but more so for games that are already popular, and for new games, you should stick with sponsored ads.

However, it’d be helpful for you to post your sponsored ad stats.

Make sure to test out your icons and thumbnails before using most of your advertizing budget.

I don’t mean to demotivate you, if I am. I’m just trying to give you tips in order to bring the best out of your game!

Good luck!

~ NinjaFactory



This or, shorten the entire title because it’s super long anways. Maybe like “[DAMAGE] Defend the Tower BETA”

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Thank you for the tips! And no, this does not demotivate me. It only gives me more to improve on.

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