My game is lagging a lot for some reason on most devices

I’m working on an obby game which has biomes you have to complete and it allows you to achieve pets.One of my biggest concerns though is the lag. Whenever I want to show a builder or a friend my game, the first thing they say once they join is, “lag.” I have to agree though, as it also lags (sometimes) for me, while I have a good graphics card and processor.

I’ve tried to limit the terrain, (decreased a lot of lag, but not all of it)
My game:

If you have any idea why this is happening, or how I can stop it without completely deleting something, please let me know!

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The possibility is most likely hardware, if you could send us a picture of your PC specs (either here or in PM) and we can determine what is going wrong

It is not just me, it is other players. Either way, my PC has no problem running other games at all, especially really big games on the highest graphics (for example, games like fortnite and other steam games, even other big ROBLOX games) but for some reason the game I’ve created and linked above is lagging.

Do you have any scripts that are creating objects and not disposing of them?

You may want to look at StreamingEnabled if you feel the size of the obby is what is causing the lag.

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I did this and my game has spammed errors and a lot of things have broke, but my game is not lagging at all anymore, which is a relief!

Consider checking your plugins, reinstalling them, making sure they’re not infected, also free models could contain infections so look over free models if you have any in your game. :rocket:

I don’t have any free models in my game, and the only plugins I used were GUI rescaler, load character, and roundify.

Do you think it could be your internet connection? (I have no problem running the game)

do you have any unions in your game you don’t need or any parts, i see there are a lot of unions

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Others are experiencing it too, and the main reason it is running smoothly at the moment is because I turned on StreamingEnabled, which basically broke my entire game. I turned it off now.

I actually have a lot of unions, so I will check it out, didn’t think about that.

i know that im late, but correction: i’ve thought about it before, and I thought about the unions. One of my lobbies were really huge, around 50k triangles, and I should’ve used a good chunk loader.


My workspace is already very clean.image


Whilst playing this on my mobile, i didn’t seem to get any lag. However, upon falling off towards the end of obstacles it somehow moves me to the next stage.

You should put the scripts into a Folder

I’ve published the update which disabled streaming enabled now, can you rejoin?

Sure, I’ll be there in a minute.

Do you have any overlapping models that could be causing the lag?

Solution: I put the really big parts into replicated storage because my game has checkpoints, so if the player were a specific checkpoint, the lobby/biome goes into workspace, and if they were not at the checkpoint, it goes into replicatedstorage.