My Game Is Laggy With New Bigger Terrain?

So I updated my terrain to be bigger and more natural looking but since then the game has been considerably more laggier! Is there any efficient ways to reduce the lag (for example loading in and out the terrain)?

It’s because of all the memory terrain takes. You can try lowering your graphics or enabling StreamingEnabled.

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As stated, more Parts/Terrain = more lag.
How thick is your terrain underneath where you have built?
How about a link to the game so we can check it out?

There you go:

I didn’t have any issues with lag while playing there.
The tutorial told me to place my tent, but that was it. The ‘choose first shelter’ message stayed on my screen and I couldn’t use the Pick up shelter tool to move it.

Ah yea the tutorial is broken currently - I am rewriting scripts and I am going to scrap the tutorial so there is no point in adding the tutorial code! The only reason why the game is open is because you requested to test it :slight_smile: - also the game isn’t as laggy on pc but on some mobile devices it’s another story! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: it’s truly appreciated!