My game isn't appearing for some users on the Roblox games page

Firstly, I don’t think there’s a super accurate category for my problem as this issue is present on mobile as well but this one seemed most appropriate.

I’ve noticed an issue with my game called Heroes Online that it sometimes disappears for players that are logged out. This has happened multiple times in the past but I’ve overlooked it. However now that the game is free and surging in players, I feel that this bug is preventing new users of the site from finding the game and possibly even becoming invested in Roblox as a whole. I’m logged in pretty much all the time so this bug could’ve been consistently present for months for all I know.

You can probably view what I’m describing for yourself by viewing the front-page while logged in vs logged out and if the bug is still present (It is at the time of writing this post), you won’t see Heroes Online when you are logged out.

As far I’ve seen, this issue doesn’t seem to be affecting any other games on front-page and I haven’t got any messages on the matter from the Roblox team as to what is causing it.

I would appreciate it if I could get some closure on the matter as it feels like the game’s success is being hindered to some degree for a reason I don’t know.

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