My GFX (Hope You Devs Like it)

Hi devs, do you like this Picture?

Please give me a feedback if you liked it : D


I think this GFX is good, but a few things could be improved. I like how you set up the lighting, and the posing of the character looks accurate for what they are doing. As for what you could improve, I have a few suggestions. First, to improve the realism and the quality of the GFX overall, I suggest that you use a 3d software such as blender to render your GFX. In addition, you could work on the smaller details of the scene to make it more realistic. An example of this would be adding items on top of the table thing in the scene, or changing the background to be something other than a brick wall. This would help to make the scene more believable. Besides that, it looks nice! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


The arms have weird gaps in them. I suggest fixing that. Also I recommend using an HDRI to add more natural lighting. The image is kinda low quality. I suggest using cycles to render(If you’re using something else to render the image.)


thx for the feedback :smiley:
i will fix the arm