My GFX - Lighting and background fix

Hello, I am bull. I have been posting my GFX creations as I’m going on. I posted a recent GFX (which was the same) and I got loads of feedback. I’m sorry it takes a while to learn blender, so for now I’m using 3d viewer to render my GFX’s! I’ll try and post some blender content in the future, for now here’s an edited background & edited better lighting to fit the environment! Feedback in the comments. (Don’t tell me to use blender as I am already trying to learn it, I know I need to use blender.)


Good start, but points to think about:

  • See if there is a better background - it looks hypnotising and too overwhelming. It distracts from the text and the person.
  • Is there a better, clearer font?
  • Can you add more lighting/effects onto the GFX, for example the person rather than overlaying just an image on top of another image?