My gui is acting weird

I tried to make a Gui that pops up every 10 seconds for every single player at the same time (in the server) but sometimes for some players the gui’s text and the buttons are stretched.
it will remain looking like this for them until they rejoin the game. My script doesn’t affect any scale or position. The script only makes the frame visible.


Can you give us a screen shot, and your script?

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Hey! How did you scale the GUI? With offset or with size?
If possible, could you show me a screenshot of the GUI and the properties?

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Do you mind showing us a screenshot?

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We kinda need a screenshot for anyone to help you. you can easily take a screenshot by using:
Win+PrtSc ( If you dont have windows, you can look it up.)
Try looking at the output and see if there is anything mentioning the script or any errors.

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Here is the script (local script inside startergui):

local remoteEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage.EventAlert

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local playerGui = player:WaitForChild("PlayerGui")

local gui = playerGui:WaitForChild("EventAlert")


playerGui.EventAlert.Frame.Visible = true

playerGui.EventAlert.FrameOutlines.Visible = true


playerGui.EventAlert.Frame.Visible = false

playerGui.EventAlert.FrameOutlines.Visible = false

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I use scale. If there are any other properties you need then let me know.

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Do you have text scaled to true?

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yes, i do. i just want to know what makes the gui stretched out

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Could you show a screenshot of your explorer?
It could be because of a UI constraint.

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i do have UICorner, but thats it. Could it possibly cause any positioning problems?

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No. A UICorner cannot affect a GuiObject’s position or size. I thought it could be a UISizeConstraint or a UIAspectRatioConstraint but you don’t seem to have one.
It could be because of your GUI’s properties.
It could also be because the rest of the GUIs aren’t parented to the frame.

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Hmmm. Put the text and the Accept/Decline Button into the Frame so that they’re the children of the frame. If it this still doesn’t fix the problem, let me know.

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You probably aren’t using scale for all the objects like the buttons or whatever they’re inside of

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no, i just checked, everything is using scale.

they are already in the frame.

also i just noticed that the same thing is happening to other guis aswell.

Yeah but only scale. If they has any offset on top of that scale then it will do that.

well, it doesn’t have any offset at all.

Hi! I recommend using an AutoScalling system that’ll:

A) ensure that you actually scaled it with size (not offset)
B) add a UIAspectRatio

If you’d like I can send you some plugins that might be able to help!