My hat is is rotated

Hello there,

So i made my first hat on Blender and trying to upload it to studio… But is is rotated

How can I fix this?

Kind regards,

As you made throughout Blender, did you check if the mesh itself was rotated before exporting as .fbx?

Yes, I made it on a dummy in blender. I made it on the same rotation but before my first hat was it okay but rn it is not.

I see… Well, then, let’s see if we can get more context to find the solution… Have you created a script that could make you wear this little hat you made? And if so, did you see if the Orientation is corrected?

I see in the HatAttachment that the Orientation is 0,0,0

What are the new values (under CFrame) of the HatAttachment once equipping on Roblox Studio?

I think you mean this, if it is not let me know

It appears that the values are quite the same… Perhaps it is a configuration upon the part called “Handle”…

Is it possible for you to view the other parts by the name of SteampunkV?